Sleep Study

Dear Parents,

This year, as we continue to focus on the whole learner in middle school, one of our goals is to better understand our students’ sleep habits and also share best sleep practices.  Scientific research overwhelmingly supports how important sleep is for middle school students and the numerous benefits it provides.

According to the The National Sleep Foundation, sleep is as important as the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat.  Better sleep has even been found to help teens manage stress in their lives.  Our middle school students are biologically facing challenges with getting enough sleep.  However, there are other challenges which may also prevent middle school students from getting the optimal amount of sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation identified some of the challenges students face when they are having sleep difficulties, such as limiting the ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems. Students who struggle with sleep may even forget important information like names, numbers, or homework.

In an effort to better understand our students and their current sleeping practices both middle schools will be conducting a Sleep Survey for both parents and students. The Sleep Survey is optional, but families are encouraged to partner with us in this endeavor and participate.  The Sleep Survey will consist of a series of multiple choice questions related to sleeping practices.  It will be anonymous and will only collect a student’s grade level and gender. 

If you would like your child to refrain from taking the survey, please click on the link on the left marked "Parent Opt Out" in order to remove your child from the survey. You will have until March 22nd to opt your child out. Once the surveys have been completed by middle school students and parents, the data will then be analyzed, shared and used to inform educators and parents as they continue to help our students.

As always, we appreciate your time and support.