Board Members and Committee Chairs

BF Home and School Association

H.S.A. Executive Board 2019-20

Deanne Dunne and Anna Salerno

Paige O'Doherty and Colleen Tansey
Co- Vice Presidents

Hayley Gluck

Valerie Auyeung

Anne McAskin
Recording Secretary

H.S.A. Committee Chairs 2018-19

Community Outreach
Stacey Loscalzo

Hawes School Liaison
Colleen Tansey

Somerville School Liaison
Anna Salerno

Travell School Liaison
Anne McAskin
Cori McHugh

RHS Liaison
Stacey Loscalzo

LSHSA Liaison
Kelly Buchsbaum

BF Cares
Shivani Bhogra
Kay Murphy

Beyond the Book Discussion Club (Parents & Staff)
Stacey Loscalzo

Book Discussion Group (Parents) 
Lisa Larson

Book Fair
Lisa Faris
Barbara Caramagno

Field Day-6th Grade
Nickiann Bussanich
Kim Devir

Field Day-7th Grade
Zhen Sullivan

Friends of Music
Mayumi Harada

Deanne Dunne - Editor/Content
Paige O'Doherty, Colleen Tansey - Distribution
Kelly Buchsbaum - Advertising

Fundraising (Friends of BF)
Kelly Buchsbaum
Stacey Loscalzo

8th Grade Casual Dance
Nivali Bhatia

8th Grade Promotion Celebration

Lily Bond
Kristin Shechter

8th Grade After-Graduation (Cruise)
Kelly Buchsbaum
Jennifer Liggett

8th Grade Winter Wonderland
Melissa Aliamo
Summer Foerch
Marcee Taylor

Library Aides
Liz Carroll

Library Author Visits
Anna Salerno

Reading Marathon
Susan Ruane

Doug Olson

Spirit Nights: Fall and Spring
Nancy Kennedy
Lucia Donahue

Spirit Night (Fall): Haunted House
Jill Kaye
Sandy Santangelo

Spirit Wear
Paige O'Doherty
Colleen Tansey

Jamey Clothier
Anna Salerno

Teacher & Staff Appreciation
Erin Mannion
Kate Yates

Deanne Dunne