BF Supply Lists
Posted on 06/19/2019
This is the image for the news article titled Here are the lists of school supplies for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.  Please click on the appropriate grade/class.  If you are interested in donating school supplies, please click here for more information.

6th Grade Franklin

6th Grade Ridge

6th grade supplies for World Languages:
- Choice of 1" binder and folder or section in your large binder and folder or folder with 10-15 sheets of loose leaf paper
- 100 index cards, any size (for Latin)
- Pens/Pencils
-Colored pencils or crayons

7th Grade Franklin

7th Grade RIdge

For 7th grade Spanish:
-sturdy folder or small 3 ring binder
-loose leaf paper
-marble (composition) notebook 

7th/8th Grade French:
- Either 5 subject spiral notebook or binder divided by 5 sections
- Colored pencils or crayons
- Dry erase marker (any color)
- Highlighter (any color)
- Folder for handouts
- Pens (black or blue) and pencils
- Loose leaf paper, if using a binder
- Inexpensive earbuds or headphones.

8th Grade Franklin 

8th Grade Ridge

Clark-Anderson Classes
- 1 box of tissues
- 1 container of Lysol wipes
- 1 Folder

Sra. Del Orbe's Spanish Supply List
- 1 box of tissues
- 1  Hand Sanitizer
- 2 Subject Spiral Notebook
- 1 box of pencils
- 2 Folders