Benjamin Franklin Middle is strongly committed to building children’s social, emotional and academic competencies. The Guidance Department is an integral part of this community that fosters respect, responsibility and caring through instructional programs, activities and a partnership between parents, administrators, teachers and the community in raising children.

Counseling Services
The Guidance Department provides counseling services individually and in groups to assist all children in exploring and understanding themselves. Counseling can focus on academics, personal problems, peer relationships, authority conflicts, critical social problems, and family situations. The goal is to help children build social, emotional and academic competencies.

Guidance services are provided for all students within each grade level. One counselor is assigned to a grade level and reamins with his/her counselors for all three years at BFMS. This structure provides an efficient and effective communication and monitoring system designed to support students, parents and school personnel.

Informational Services
Informational services are a vital part of the guidance program. The goal of this service is to provide pertinent information to students and to stimulate students to appraise ideas and opportunities. Information is provided to students and parents in the social, academic, emotional, personal and recreational areas.

Program Selection
Counselors assist all students in program selections that best suit their goals, needs and abilities. Placement in varied programs and courses requires a coordinated effort among school personnel, parents and students. Counselors provide frequent reevaluation and follow-up to placement decisions.

Guidance Contacts:

Ms. Megan Papapietro, 6th Grade Guidance

201-670-2780 x30559

Mrs. Mahoney, 7th Grade Guidance

201-670-2780 x30555

Mrs Lara Sheer, 8th Grade Guidance

201-670-2780 x30556

Secretary, Mrs. Terry Caliendo

201-670-2780 x30533