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Health Office
Illness During School
If a student needs to see the nurse during the school day, they must have a pass from their teacher. If they are too ill to stay in school, the nurse will call the parent/guardian and arrange for them to go home. A student cannot be dismissed without the permission of the nurse.  No student is allowed to call their parent directly.  

Medication in School

Prescription Medication:
In the event a student needs prescription medication during school hours, the policy is as follows:

1. A parent/guardian and physician must complete an Authorization for Medication at School form
    for each medication that a student requires.   
2. This must be completed before the medication can be administered.
3. The medication must be brought to the school nurse in the original prescription bottle properly 
     labeled with physician's name, child's name, drug, and dosing.

Over the Counter Medication:
If a student requires over the counter medication during school hours, a parent/guardian must complete an Authorization for Over the Counter Medication consent form.  The medication must be brought to the school nurse in the original package. 

If the nurse is not available, medication can only be given by the parent/guardian. The Authorization for Medication form does not extend beyond the current school year.

Physical Examinations
Physical examinations are required for all new pupils and all students participating in an interscholastic sport. Physicals are given by the family physician and must be completed each year.  Annual Athletic Physical forms are available below and in the Health Office.

Physical Education Passes
A student can be excused from Physical Education for up to three days by giving the PE Teacher a note from the parent/guardian. A doctor's note is required to be excused for more than a week. If a student is excused from P.E., they cannot participate in intramural or recess.

Health Concerns
If your child has a health concern such as Food Allergies or Asthma, please send in the necessary medication and complete the appropriate emergency action plan and Authorization for Medication forms.  These forms are required for each school year and must be completed by the treating physician along with the parent/guardian. 

When to Keep your Child Home
If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms he/she should be kept home:
- a fever over 100 degrees (orally)
- vomiting or diarrhea
- having difficulty breathing
- a severe cough
- extreme fatigue
- an unusual rash
- redness, itchiness and discharge from the eyes
- Strep throat, until a negative culture and/or after being treated with an antibiotic for at least 24 hrs

In order to minimize the spread of illnesses, please keep your child home for at least 24 hours after they experience vomiting, diarrhea or a fever of 100 degrees without the use of Tylenol, Advil, etc. These medications will mask but not address the cause of the fever.  The health of our BF community is our top priority.

HPV Information

Please click here to read about HPV (Human Papillomavirus).

Meningococcal Invasive Disease

Please click here to read about Meningococcal Invasive Disease.


Athletic/Physical Form
  Required for new students and before participating in sports.

Asthma Treatment Plan
  Required for students with Asthma.

- Food Allergy Action Plan
  Required for students with a food allergy.

Immunization Compliance Form
  Required for all students entering 6th grade and all new students to BF.

Medical History School Based Field Trips
  Only required for 6th grade camp, 8th grade French trip and 8th grade class trips.

Medication Authorization for Prescribed Medication at School
  Required for all prescription medications at school.  Doctor signature is required.

- Consent for the Administration of Non-Prescription medication (Tylenol, Advil, etc.)
  This form must be completed and handed to the School Nurse if you would like your child to have any Non-Prescription
  medication (Tylenol, Advil, etc) during school hours.